A ten years Professional Brand and Media Executive, working within multicultural environments. During my professional career, I have successfully provided media support and guidance for a variety of clients. and  designed client’s Media Communication Strategy. Working in Marketing and Media Communication Market, I found out that Communication is my attitude.

Travel and Documentary Photography express this need for Communication with people and gives me the challenge to explore and unleash a well-hidden story of feelings. Awarded by International Florence Biennale, Italy 2015,  for my personal photo project “From Myanmar… with Love”, (Myanmar, 2014).

Being an active volunteer for various international organizations, dealing with poverty, social and environmental issues, as I believe that voluntarism is an important and indispensable aspect of our societies, I managed to use my skills, to organize and promote organisations. (Charity photo exhibition “GIVE + TAKE love, hope, light, smile”, Greece 2013 & “From Myanmar… with Love” Yangon, 2014)

I hold a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of Kentucky, in United States and a Bachelor of Sales & Marketing from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens in Greece.

Dream Big and Think Positive”,

these are my moto.

Every Big dream becomes a new goal and every difficulty I face, an opportunity to learn during my personal journey.

This is Life and this is what I Love… Life.


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